2023 Sermons


3/03 Third S in Lent


Human anger doe's not accomplish the will of God. Love fulfills the law.

2/25 Second S in Lent


Who do you say I am?

2/18 First  S in Lent


This morning, we welcome our guest preacher, Rev. James Stoltenberg. Pastor Stoltenberg has been an LCMS pastor for 50 years and has served in churches all along the East Coast. He has been working with Food for the Poor since 2015 and will talk to us about that this morning.

2/11 The Transfiguration of our Lord


The Transfiguration of Jesus. What doe's it mean for us?

Focus all our attention on Him.

2/04 Fifth S a the Epiphany


The Kingdom is as much for women as it is for men.

They are witnesses to the whole Gospel.

1/28 Fourth S a the Epiphany


Jesus always speaks with authority of God.

In all of our struggles, Jesus lays down His life to comfort us. 

1/21 Third S a the Epiphany


You are being offered the free gift of eternal life.

Every moment could be our last. 

Drop what you are doing and follow Jesus.

1/14 Second S a the Epiphany


We're usually led to Jesus by a friend. 

Someone will lead us to Him.

1/07 The Baptism of our Lord


We need Jesus in the water of Baptism.

Grace is part of God's nature.

12/31 First S a Christmas


Fulfilling the law of Moses regarding newborn sons. Christ came to fulfill the law entirely.

12/25 Christmas Day


Place yourselves in the arms of Jesus and find rest for your soul.

12/24 Fourth S in Advent


It is possible to know about something too well. The Visitation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary is one of those things; many of us could recite it in our sleep. Perhaps in the telling it has been overly sugar-coated for the sake of the children. But what did

Mary actually hear? What did it mean that the “Lord was with her?” If you were in her sandals what would you say to your parents, or to your “Betrothed husband?”

This night consider the courage it took for the Virgin to move forward with the birth of her son.

12/17 Third S in Advent


Who was John the Baptist? The trumpet of God. The Herald of good news. We are all children of God, Rejoice.

12/10 Second s in Advent


We pray for the coming of our Lord and King. Marantha, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

12/03 First s in Advent


How often do you pray for the return of Christ?

Stay awake, for the return of our Lord in Glory.

11/26 Last S of the Church Year


Without a doubt, you noticed the bulletin cover – two crowns, one with thorns the other gold as if to remind us that our Lord Jesus is true God and true man. All very appropriate for the Sunday of Christ the King.

11/19 Twenty-fifth S a Pentecost


Continuing last Sunday’s theme, “Watch and be ready”, this morning’s readings continue to remind us that time is always in God’s hands. A day is coming when the Master returns and asks us what we’ve got to show for ourselves. Have you figured out what you’re going to say?

10/15 Twentieth S a Pentecost


The main character of the Parable of the Wedding Feast is some poor fellow who answered the call and came to the feast in honor of the King’s son and his bride. He came just as he was, off the street. When the King calls, will you be ready? Will you be properly attired for the feast of salvation? It’s a good question, because clothing matters.

9/24 Seventeenth S a Pentecost


To who doe's money belong? All that we have is God's.

9/10 Fifteenth S a Pentecost


Having served its purpose elsewhere, our baptismal font found a new home at Holy Lamb, if not for baptisms, then at least to remind us that we are a people who draw strength from our union with Jesus Christ into whom we are baptized. “Let the little children come to me,” it says in German. (There is an emphasis on the word "little.") I had wished (at first) it hadn’t said that; it’s not just the little children and babies who need baptism. The Gospel for today changed my mind. Jesus addresses his disciples not just as children, but as little children! He tells them to learn from the child he set in their midst. St. Paul reminds too, we are strongest when we learn to trust Jesus—that is draw our strength from him.

9/03 Fourteenth S a Pentecost


The cross is who we are as a people.

The Gospel is what we are about.

We Don't want to get in the way of the Gospel!

8/27 Thirteenth S a Pentecost


As we think about the Church, our minds may tend to think of her as a monumental fortress of some sort. We Lutherans eagerly sing Built on a Rock the Church Shall Stand. And we are just as quick to sing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God based on Psalm 46; “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in time of need.” The problem with that is that such poetic images make us static, fixed, immovable. Is this how we are to be? Just what did Jesus say? Read Matthew 16:18. Who is fixed? Who is cowering behind gates? And who is on the offensive? Think about it.

 8/20 Twelfth S a Pentecost


By her persistent prayer that Jesus would have mercy and help her (Matt.15:22, 24), the Canaanite woman boldly confessed her faith in Him (Matt. 15:27-28).

Her example encourages us to cling to the promises of
the Gospel, even in the face of the Law that accuses us. St. Paul tells us, “God’s Law has consigned all to disobedience” for the very purpose “that he may have mercy on all” (Rom.11:32). The woman was not
disappointed, her prayers were answered in the mercy of Christ,

 7/23 Eighth S a Pentecost


PRAYER is a heart to heart conversation with God.

How often do you pray? It may seem hard to pray, but the Holy Spirit will help us. 

 7/16 Seventh S a Pentecost


The Parable of the Sower

We are nurtured, raised and matured by the Word.

The Word of the Lord endures forever.

 7/9 Sixth S a Pentecost


Why Go it Alone?

Jesus gives peace that the world can not give.

He wants to help you shoulder the load of life.

 7/2 Fifth S a Pentecost

The word of God can carry a sword. When Jesus came he brought trouble with him. 

Christianity is about Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. 

A warm welcome to Pastor Vogt!

 6/25 Fourth S a Pentecost

Should you be looking at dicipleship in a different way?

As we say Farewell and Godspeed to Pastor and Kathy, we give all the glory to God for all that He has done.

 6/18 Third S a Pentecost 


May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding keep your hearts and minds through faith in Christ Jesus.

 6/11 Second S a Pentecost 


Just like the apostle Barnabas, God uses the right person at just the right time to promote His kingdom. According to God's plan, our next Pastor will be chosen at the right time in his ministry.

 6/04 The Holy Trinity 


Were you aware that all three persons of the Trinity are referenced in the first three verses of the Bible? Our Old Testament reading begins
with these verses. See if you can find the references. More importantly, all persons of the Trinity have been and continue to be active in your life and will be until your last breath. This makes a conversation about the Trinity more than a theological exercise. It is an
exposition of the daily work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for you.

 5/28 The Day of Pentecost 


The message of Pentecost is that the power of the Gospel can now be proclaimed to, and received by, every person of all nations. That is,
forgiveness and salvation are available to all. And the power of the Holy Spirit can transform hearts when this news is proclaimed by mere
mortals. The power and glory lie in the message, not the messenger.

 5/14 Sixth s of Easter


What is missing in your life?

God will forgive your sins and fill the void in your life. He is the only God that can offer forgiveness and peace.

Cross with Sunrise

 5/7 Fifth s of Easter


Satan knows the vulnerabilities of each of us. He attacks individual Chistians one at a time.

Don't fall victim to satans  lies.

Don't allow satan to win. Remember, Jesus has your back when satan attacks you.

 4/16 Second s of Easter


In our first reading today a Pharisee warned the chief priests that if it turned out the disciples were “of God,” the chief priests would be
opposing God! This is a phenomenal and insightful observation by Gamaliel. We see opposition to God everywhere we turn these days, which can lead frustration and even despair. But even the Pharisee Gamaliel knew the futility of opposing God and the ultimate result: “You will not be able to overthrow them.” This is a source of comfort and encouragement for us as we encounter resistance to God.

 4/9 Easter Sunday


The Resurrection of our Lord is the most significant event in the church
year, even greater than Christmas. In rising from the grave, Jesus demonstrated His absolute authority over death and the devil. This is the
authority by which He assured the criminal on the cross beside Him, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” He offers the same assurance to each of us when we face death – an eternity with Him in paradise beginning the moment
our life on this earth is ended.
This is the message of the church; it is the message of every Christian funeral. It is the message the world needs to hear every day, and we need to remember as we face struggles ranging from personal tragedy to national
calamity. No matter the event or the depth of our pain, loss, and grief, Christ has won the battle and His victory is our victory because... “Christ is risen!” “He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!”

Christmas Sermons


 12/25/2022 Christmas Day